5 People_ 5 Stories:

-Lamar Hooks- Los Angeles, California: 

Brought up among gangs and headed for a heavy life on the streets of Los Angeles, Lamar was pulled out and brought into the ring to re-route his life’s trajectory.

5 People_ 5 Stories:

-Clay Marzo- Maui, Hawaii:  

Clay is one of the most influential surfers of his time. He also lives with the precarious variable of Asperger Syndrome. This causes quiet, highly focused energy into one thing. And for that, that is surfing. 

5 People_ 5 Stories:

-Luke Mitrani- Crowley Lake, California: 

Luke is a professional snowboarder, one of the best in the world, and will be competing for a spot in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Unlike many professional snowboarders, Luke is not concerned about being on a strict training program or constantly aware of his measure of fame. He is a true free spirit. And he lives his life day-to-day, focusing on nothing but a good time. 

5 People_ 5 Stories:

-Jay Katwiski- Far North, British Columbia: 

Jay fled to Canada from Wisconsin in 1989 when he was 20 in search of a simpler life in the wild. He eventually met a woman, married her, and moved into the wilderness 11 miles outside of town. He built a home and raised a family, living entirely off the land: A rare find in today’s world.

5 People_ 5 Stories:

-Kevin Pearce- Breckenridge, Colorado:

While training for the 2010 Winter Olympics, Kevin suffered a traumatic brain injury and was hospitalized, frozen in a coma. He was told he would never snowboard again, let alone live a normal life. Two years later, he strapped in, beating the odds, snowboarding’s true hero. 

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